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 ST. VINCENT FERRER Catholic School      

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The goal of St. Vincent Ferrer Kindergarten is to facilitate a smooth transition from preschool to elementary school while providing a strongacademic foundation for early learning.  At St. Vincent Ferrer we accomplish this in loving and Christ-centered classroom where your child will receive individualized attention in a small, family-like atmosphere. 


Primary: First - Third Grades

The primary grades play a critical role in continuing the foundation formed during Kindergarten. First and foremost, we focus on God and the religious and spiritual formation of the children through instruction, example, prayer and service to others.  Another important aspect of the primary grades is learning to read. These years are critical for building strong literacy skills; laying the foundation for later when the students are required to read to learn. Each student is assessed three times a year to monitor their progress in both reading and math. The results assist the teachers and support staff in determining what instruction is needed to help each student reach their full potential.  

Highlights of the Primary grades include:

  • Weekly Mass and daily prayer including the rosary
  • Weekly bible class
  • Center Based Learning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Instructional aides and volunteers
  • Accelerated Reader and Math programs 

1st Grade  2nd Grade  3rd Grade

Intermediate:  Fourth & Fifth Grades


Students in grades 4 and 5 continue to expand and deepen their knowledge base while they mature into independent thinkers. Since all classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to challenge students with digital lessons. A rapidly expanding vocabulary and more abstract concepts are presented and applied. 

Science and Social Studies are departmentalized; allowing the students to experience different classroom environments and expectations of teachers. This helps to prepare them for Junior High where the entire curriculum is departmentalized. 

Highlights of Intermediate include:

  • Weekly Mass and daily prayers
  • Differentiated Math
  • Classroom Aide to assist with Reading
  • Novel studies
  • Further development of the 5 Steps of Writing Process
  • Reading Logs and Accelerated Reader

4th Grade   5th Grade

Junior High: Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grades

Junior High at St. Vincent Ferrer focuses on preparing our students both for high school and for a fuller Christian life.  We work to teach our young people how to study, how to push themselves, how to grow as people, how to know themselves and each other better.  We emphasize personal responsibility and hard work.  We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.  Mostly, though, we work tirelessly to love each other and our God better each day.

The SVF Junior High program:


  • Weekly Mass and daily prayer
  • Comprehensive 3-year program where skills in all subject areas  build
  • Electives once a week
  • HSPT practice for 8th graders
  • Confirmation for 7th and 8th graders
  • Individualized instruction to promote success for all students

Religion & Social Studies   Language Arts   Math & Science


There are five different special classes offered at St. Vincent Ferrer. With the exception of Art, which is one hour a week, the students attend these classes twice a week.



Our SVF students have a forty minute library period each week. Books, or excerpts from books, are read by the librarian and discussed. Students are given time to check out books.

The library also has scheduled a weekly collaborative period for each class. During this time a teacher and librarian can work together on special projects with the students. Also, this period can be used to facilitate small reading groups or silent reading time for an entire class.


The eighth graders spend one of their library classes a week to work on writing and illustrating a book. They give these books to their first grade reading buddies during the “Meet the Author” party in May.


The library also hosts a book fair each year. 

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Art   Computer   Music   PE

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