Thursday, February 22, 2018

 ST. VINCENT FERRER Catholic School      

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Student Testimonials


"I love St. Vincent Ferrer because you can learn at your own pace."  Sean-Grade 5


"I love St. Vincent Ferrer because everybody is different in special ways."  Sarah-Grade 5


"As a new student, I love St. Vincent Ferrer because I was able to make friends on my very first day."  Maia-Grade 5


"I like St. Vincent Ferrer because I am included.  I know if I am having trouble I can go to the teacher for help."  Austin-Grade 5


"The small school environment makes you feel safe and allows you to get the chance to know everyone."  Natalie-Grade 8


"The teachers know each student and their special needs and are able to lead them to success."  Caroline-Grade 8


"St. Vincent Ferrer is a place where learning, faith, and love collide.  It is a Christian community where students and teachers care about and help each other."  Matthew-Grade 8


"I was welcomed to this school last year but I feel I've been a part of it forever."  Emma-Grade 8


"Everyone at our school knows and respects one another-and we have many fun events."  David-Grade 8


"St. Vincent Ferrer School has helped me benefit as a student and as a person."  Ethan-Grade 8


"When I first came to SVF I was really nervous and scared but everyone welcomed me and I made really close friends."  Denise-Grade 8


"SVF is a cool school to go to.  It is a great atmosphere with loving and caring teachers and students."  Julius-Grade 8