Thursday, February 22, 2018

 ST. VINCENT FERRER Catholic School      

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Student Services

At St. Vincent Ferrer we take pride in meeting the needs of all of our students. The faculty works collaboratively with the support staff to provide accommodations and monitor student progress.  

Intervention Specialist:

Our intervention specialist, Jessica Hansen, works five days a week to:

  • provide classroom support to teachers and students
  • provide small group and targeted instruction (Tier II Support)
  • provide intensive, individualized instruction (Tier III Support
  • provide testing accommodations
  • provide organizational support
  • assess students using STAR Reading, STAR Math, and DIBELS

Instructional Aides:

We have two instructional aides: Helen Fox and Lori Dooley. These aides work together five days a week to:

  • provide classroom support for teachers and students during instruction, small groups and centers
  • pull out students for remedial and enrichment instruction on an as needed basis
  • assist with student assessments
  • offer testing accommodations


Math Remedial and Enrichment Specialist: 

Our Math Remedial and Enrichment Specialist, Marty Garcia, works twice a week to:

  • provide classroom support to teachers and students
  • provide small group and targeted instruction to children who need to be challenged or children that need more targeted instruction on a certain concept
  • provide individual instruction 
  • assess students using STAR Math, and use the results to develop strategies to enhance their learning 

Speech and Language Pathologist: 

Speech Language Pathologist provides services to students 2 days per week

Screens students for speech and language concerns
Conducts standardized and informal speech and language assessments
Provides intervention services and/or special education services to identified students in one-to-one and small group settings
Writes Individual Service Plans for identified students
Provides consultation to classroom teachers for effective speech/language modeling in the classroom


Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program:

The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program (JSPN) provides parents with the choice to send their child to special education programs other than the one run by their school district of residence. Once enrolled in their school of choice, the children can receive the education and the services laid out in their individualized education program (IEP). 

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